Thankful for the gift of creativity!

I come from a very creative mother!  She is an amazing artist, seamstress, and crafter.  She makes it look easy!  I remember at some point her telling me that if I volunteered her for one more thing, I would be doing it on my own.  Shortly after that I learned how to sew my own… Continue reading Thankful for the gift of creativity!

Thankful for our home

Home.  I love our home. I love coming home after being away.  I love driving up the driveway and seeing the warm lights welcoming me in.  I love the smells and feelings I have when I’m in our home.  Home though, is wherever we are together as a family.  All of us.  When one is… Continue reading Thankful for our home

I surrender all

Y’all, this is something I have shared with very few people.  About 2 1/2 years after Adam passed, several people started to encourage me to put myself out there again.  I was young and still had a lot to offer.  I wasn’t sure of what exactly I had to offer.  But I decided to give… Continue reading I surrender all