What is my purpose now?

I have spent the last 17 years raising children. I have been a dance teacher, wife, mom, costumer, choreographer, nurse, dog mom, cat mom, chameleon mom, bearded dragon mom, soccer mom, baseball mom, football mom, dance mom, theater mom, band mom, orchestra mom, room mom…Now my kids are all 5 going to be in high… Continue reading What is my purpose now?

My Forever Loves

Eight years ago today I married a man that God chose for me many years before we even knew we needed one another! After losing Adam to cancer after 15 years being together, leaving behind 3 small children and a broken woman, I had given my future to God. All of it. I was encouraged… Continue reading My Forever Loves

Handling Hurt

People can be hurtful. It can be through words or actions, but regardless of how it happens, it effects you. I have recently dealt with several different hurts that I never saw coming. I have spent a lifetime recovering from hurts and disappointments. I often wonder how I am still standing. Why do I continue… Continue reading Handling Hurt

A Perspective of Love

Today was fabulous! We spent the morning touring the beautiful campus of The University of Tampa. We fell in love with the campus, but not the price tag! Y’all college is crazy expensive! We have 5 planning on going to college. I think I need a new career just to help pay for it! But… Continue reading A Perspective of Love

A Not So Quiet Love

I love quiet. I like to talk, but when you grow up in a big family and then become a mom of a big family, quiet is not something that is found often. I don’t find the need to fill the silence with words. Quiet makes me happy, it recharges me! We have a balance… Continue reading A Not So Quiet Love