A Season of Love

This mornings college tour took us to Florida Southern in Lakeland. This is where my college roommate grew up. I have spent time there in years past. I was excited to show the beautiful lake front college. It was a smaller campus and several buildings were built by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Write. Very… Continue reading A Season of Love


What is it about the beach…

Why is it that at the beach I feel so connected to God. Forget the fact that we are in a global pandemic (that I am so sick of messing up everyones life), the most politicized Presidential election of all time, raising 5 teenagers, major surgery, and dealing with aging in laws who can no… Continue reading What is it about the beach…

Remember your honeymoon?

Oh how I wish we were back in Grand Cayman. In the middle of the coldest winter we have had in 7 years, it makes me severely long for a beach. Any beach! Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love the sun and sand. The waves lapping against the shore. The salty, refreshing… Continue reading Remember your honeymoon?