Healing from the inside out, instead of from the outside in

I have spent the majority of my life journaling.  I started in seventh or eighth grade and I have all of those journals stashed away.  I laugh at the things I used to think were major life events.  Mostly they were boy troubles!  Makes me giggle.  I wrote daily when Adam was going through everything.  I clung to scripture as a lifeline.  They filled me with hope and promises directly from God.  I fully believe in miracles and prayed that God would intervene and make the testimony of Adam’s healing a huge impact on the lives of so many of our friends and family.  However, the way God chose to heal him was by taking him home.  Selfishly I hate that idea!  Eternally, I know that I will be with him again one day.  I also know that he is whole and healed and perfect and no longer suffering.  If you knew Adam at all, you knew that the he was the most stubborn man I know!  (His children inherited that trait as well!!)  He was also always right…yes I admit it…now, but not so much when he was alive!  But it was one of the things I loved about him!!!  He never stopped working during his illness.  So much so that we were in the hospital during his last days, I was frantically typing an email on his blackberry that he was dictating to me for his boss.  He never ceased to amaze me.  Even when cancer attacked his brain, we never lost him.  He remained sarcastic and funny and brilliant. 

Challenge for today:  January 2, 2013

Tell someone you love one thing that you love about them.  I am doing this with each of my kids today.  For Avery, who inspires me.  She has a huge, generous heart.  Tyler who always can make me laugh even on my worst days.  Jacob who gives me the best kisses exactly when I need them.  Life is short, time is precious, and those we love deserve the best from us instead of whatever we have left over. 


Lamentations 3:22-23

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”  NIV


By Laurel Austin Henson

Laurel spent 8 months caring for her first husband after being diagnosed with cancer in 2010. He passed away at 33, leaving behind a daughter of 7 and 5 year old twin boys. After sowing millions of tears, Laurel sought out God daily and began to plan for a life of being a single mother, but ready to raise their children in faith, hope and love. God gave her more than she could have ever imagined when she brought Matt into her life, along with his 2 children. He was recently divorced and the providence of God had been leading up to this life for more than 20 years! Now Laurel is reaping joy with Matt and their 5 beautiful children. Thanks be to God for all the beauty created from the ashes of death and divorce.

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