I chose joy

Some days it seems almost impossible to be joyful!  The kids have been awful, the car broke down,  the dog chewed something else up, everyone was late to school and work, dinner burned, what else could possibly go wrong kind of day. I too am faced with days like these. However my mother used to tell us the misery is optional.  I agree completely!  So much so, that I tell my children the same thing.  We can chose our mood.  We can chose to count our blessings instead of all the things that have gone wrong.  I am certain that we can all find much more to be thankful for that we have to be miserable about.  We live in a world that thinks life is supposed to be easy.  Medicine can fix any problem.  Money isn’t an object.  Instant gratification.  Only think of yourself, look out for number one mentality.  I can assure you, that is WRONG!!  God is number one and should be the first and only one you should be trying to please.  When you find joy in your day, you will spread that joy to others around you.  Have you ever noticed that your mood can set the tone for everyone else around you?  As a mom, if I am short and irritable with my kids, they in turn are short and irritable with one another.  If I am laughing and joking, they too begin laughing and joking.  When I am around someone that is always complaining or grumbling it makes me feel grouchy and grumpy!  I try not to spend a lot of time around people who are negative.  I have plenty to complain about, and yes, sometimes I do.  I just don’t like it.  It makes me feel lousy.   After all, God gave us this day.  One more day.  It is a gift.  How will you chose to spend it?

Psalm 118:24  “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”  NLT




By Laurel Austin Henson

Laurel spent 8 months caring for her first husband after being diagnosed with cancer in 2010. He passed away at 33, leaving behind a daughter of 7 and 5 year old twin boys. After sowing millions of tears, Laurel sought out God daily and began to plan for a life of being a single mother, but ready to raise their children in faith, hope and love. God gave her more than she could have ever imagined when she brought Matt into her life, along with his 2 children. He was recently divorced and the providence of God had been leading up to this life for more than 20 years! Now Laurel is reaping joy with Matt and their 5 beautiful children. Thanks be to God for all the beauty created from the ashes of death and divorce.

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