Thankful for our home

Home.  I love our home. I love coming home after being away.  I love driving up the driveway and seeing the warm lights welcoming me in.  I love the smells and feelings I have when I’m in our home.  Home though, is wherever we are together as a family.  All of us.  When one is… Continue reading Thankful for our home

Thankful for imperfections

I have 5 kids.  A husband. A job. A home. All things I care for and keep in go mode. I feed them, cloth them, drive them, love them, argue with them, discipline them when needed.  I have a lot of responsibility. And I fail at something daily. Somedays we oversleep.  Most days the agenda… Continue reading Thankful for imperfections

I surrender all

Y’all, this is something I have shared with very few people.  About 2 1/2 years after Adam passed, several people started to encourage me to put myself out there again.  I was young and still had a lot to offer.  I wasn’t sure of what exactly I had to offer.  But I decided to give… Continue reading I surrender all

It’s hard to be thankful in death

On this day 40 years ago, Adam Joseph Austin entered this world. He was the first born son to Gary and Reva Austin.  Adam is no longer celebrating birthdays here on earth, but I know there is rejoicing in heaven.  I met Adam in 1994.  I fell in love with him in 1995.  I married… Continue reading It’s hard to be thankful in death


Are you looking at your relationship as an investment?  It is the most important investment you will ever make.   We spend so much time during the dating phase giving our best to the one we are with.  We have the honeymoon phase where everything is all sweet and mushy.  We move into the complacent… Continue reading Investments