A mama’s aching heart

This mama’s heart is aching and broken. I am trying to wrap my head around this shooting in Parkland Florida. I for the life of me cannot even fathom what these people are going through. The idea of not knowing for hours where your children or spouses are. No contact, nothing but pure fear and desperation to have them in your arms again. How does this happen? How is it that we, a highly developed nation, cannot keep our children safe while they are at school? Why was this student back in the school building, where he was not supposed to be?   Why don’t we have metal detectors in our schools yet? One school shooting is too many! When will this stop?

This will immediately begin a flurry of gun control talk. People who want guns, will get guns. It’s like drugs, or prohibition. It will get into the hands of those who want it bad enough. But something HAS to be done here!  We are dealing with evil hearts, and mental illness. Where is the discussion of our mental health care system? We are dealing with a fallen world and a lack of Jesus. We are so consumed with our own agenda’s we forget that we are all still human. When did differing opinions mean hate? When did not agreeing with someone make them a bad person? I am pretty sure that I disagree with my own family members on a regular basis. This however, does not mean that I do not love them! It does not lead me to curse their names and spit in their faces! Being different is what makes us a great country! It is why we moved away from England. This is where we are supposed to be able to speak our minds, share our opinions, have opportunities that others will never have. To live our lives in prosperity and peace. Where did all this hate come from?

I can say that I hate senseless acts of violence. I hate cancer. I hate war. I hate fighting. I hate sex trafficking. I hate lies. I hate fear. I hate hate!

These are all questions that I cannot answer. I can however, pray!  I can pray for the families that have lost children and spouses in this horrible shooting. I can pray for our countries leaders, that something will indeed be done to keep our children safe! I can pray for protection over all of my loved ones. I can pray that those who are hurting and angry will seek help, not violence. I can pray that mental health disease is something that will be taken seriously and will no longer be brushed under the rug. I can pray that the stigma of mental health disease will be erased!

So for today, I will be on my knees. I will seek God in this because, no one can explain this one to their children. I will hug my family tighter. I will love them deeper, and I will continue to pray!

Psalms 34:18″ The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
    and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”


By Laurel Austin Henson

Laurel spent 8 months caring for her first husband after being diagnosed with cancer in 2010. He passed away at 33, leaving behind a daughter of 7 and 5 year old twin boys. After sowing millions of tears, Laurel sought out God daily and began to plan for a life of being a single mother, but ready to raise their children in faith, hope and love. God gave her more than she could have ever imagined when she brought Matt into her life, along with his 2 children. He was recently divorced and the providence of God had been leading up to this life for more than 20 years! Now Laurel is reaping joy with Matt and their 5 beautiful children. Thanks be to God for all the beauty created from the ashes of death and divorce.

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